6 things you need to do to be confident when you exercise

If you’ve been out of exercise for a while, or maybe you haven’t ever exercised, then starting can be a very daunting task.

Here are a few tips that might make it just that little bit easier for you.

1: Finding something you love is the number 1 imperative. If you don’t love what you are doing then you are most unlikely to stick with it. It is the sticking with it that will give you the best rewards.
You don’t have to run, jump and skip like everyone else. There are lots of activities that include physical movement whilst doing something else. Golf is just one I can think of. A really good walk across what are often beautiful parklands. To make it even better for you don’t dawdle when walking between holes walk briskly.

2: Find a buddy or a group to do the activity with. A buddy will keep you honest and will knock on your door on those days when you really didn’t feel like it. It’s surprising how after you start something you forget why you weren’t going to do it.
Groups can be helpful too in teaching you how to do new things, as well as providing motivation to keep on going.

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3: Set yourself a goal, actually set yourself three sets of goals. Short, medium and long term. The long term one is something to dream about and might be what we call a BHAG that is a Big, Hairy, Audacious goal. 

  • What about entering a race, a competition or booking for a walk or activity into the future that will require you to be fit to do it.
  • Medium term goals will help you see how far you have come and they also show you how close you are to your big goal.
  • Short term goals are really useful for keeping your motivation up and giving you confidence to keep going. They could be as simple as being active 6 days out of 7, or as complex as mastering 10 laps in the pool. Whatever they are they are measurable and definitely achievable. Whatever you do don’t forget to celebrate achieving your goals too. Have a massage, get your hair done, get a new piece of gear. Whatever it is reward is important.

4: Get some lessons. Working one on one with someone is one of the best ways to feeling confident. A coach, or trainer can make sure you are doing things properly and also keep you accountable.

5: Plan your week so you are clear about what you are doing and when. This means you make yourself and your time to be active a priority and it is then more likely to happen.

6:Get the right gear so you are comfortable and supported in whatever you are doing. That means decent shoes if you need them, a proper sports bra, proper tops, tights and socks. There is nothing nicer than putting on your gear and feeling like an active woman. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it does have to be made from technical fabric where necessary so you keep at an even temperature and don’t chafe and get blisters.

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