Getting Started -Excerpt -9 Things Every Woman Should Do To Get Fit

Every woman deserves to get the very best out of her life. Sometimes though it takes us until we are way past 21 to actually get around to it. Not just muck about with it, but really get around to it. I know that my journey to health has been long and convoluted with lots of interruptions and good and bad patches. That’s life, but your decision to download this information means you are serious once and for all to get this healthy stuff licked.

Step 1: Decide
Decide why you want to do this and write it down somewhere you can see it. On your fridge, in your purse or on your bathroom mirror. This one little step will make all the difference.

Step 2: See Your GP if you need to.
 If you are not sure there is a physical activity readiness survey in the free download.

Step 3: Set yourself some goals
You need short, medium and long term goals. They need to be reasonably realistic, especially the short and medium goals. If you want to make your long term goal way out there go right ahead, but make sure you give your self enough time to reach it. It might not be achievable to climb Everest in one year if you haven’t climbed before, and you are not fit at the moment.
Remember you need to go just a bit slower now you are over 21. That doesn't mean stop though.

Step 4: Plan
Fail to plan then plan to fail is a very wise old saying. Your plan does not have to be elaborate, but it does have to be written down, and it has to be specific.
EG. Next week I will walk 3 times across the week, in the morning when I get up, for 30 minutes. Seems simple doesn’t it? It is but if you don’t plan it and write it down it can easily slip away.

Step 5: Talk, talk, talk
Its good to tell the people around you of your plans for a few reasons. Firstly, they will keep you accountable and secondly they will understand when you change the habits of a lifetime to do what you planned, instead of what you always do.

Step 6: Turn Off the TV
If you are wondering just how you might fit in time to exercise, and plan then check out how much television you are watching.
At 2 hours a night, on average, over 7 days that is a whopping 14 hours where you could be doing something else. You can always watch it as a playback or repeat on a free view channel if you really want to be entertained.

Step 7: Get up earlier
Set the alarm for 6 am or earlier if you need to. Some women I know actually get up at 4am because they know no one else will get up and interrupt them. Also if you do it before the day starts then life’s little interruptions won’t stop you reaching your goal.
Having trouble getting up earlier? Try just setting your alarm for 5 minutes earlier for a couple of days and keep increasing it until you have the amount of time you need. If you do it slowly your body will get used to it and wake up normally at that time.

Step 8: Listen to your body
As you get older you have to take just a touch more care with your physical being. Particularly if you are peri-menopausal. As oestrogen reduces so does your production of collagen, often the effect is that your muscles, skin and bones are not a flexible as they used to be.
So you have to warm up, cool down, stretch and if it hurts stop. As you go along and really begin to understand your body you will learn how far to push it. As well as when to stop for a rest.

Step 9: Start out Slowly
It doesn’t matter how slowly you go so long as you go! Start out slowly and increase little by little. One of the problems I see with many programs for getting fit is that they go way too fast for women over 50.
What is set out at a 6 week program should be 8 or even 9 weeks for a woman over 50. If you are following a program like that just double up a couple of the weeks. You will be really glad you did as the slower you go the less likelihood you have of being injured.