Helping Women get fit over fifty 

Fit N Fifty Plus is the brainchild of Jennifer Gale. Jennifer is definitely over 50 and has a passion for helping other women find good health and fitness so they can feel fabulous and fully participate in their lives.

Jennifer has had a long career in public health starting as a registered nurse with Intensive Care and Coronary Care qualifications and moving through to be a Hospital Chief Executive.

She decided at the age of 50 to become an amateur triathlete but to do that she had to learn to ride and swim. 

Jennifer has a Masters of Science, is an accomplished international speaker, researcher, certified wellness coach and the author of an about to be released book "Fit N Fifty Plus How to get fit and stay that way. Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask."

As a mature woman, it can be difficult to find information on all of the little things that help keep you exercising, eating well and feeling fantastic about who you are. 

That’s where we come in! Fit N Fifty Plus provide specialised tips, tricks and tools to help you get fit and stay that way!