Have you ever wanted to be a dedicated gym junkie?

Many of us are intimidated by gyms, and not just those of us over 50. They have an image problem where in your mind they are inhabited by the super fit and super good looking. Believe me that is not the case and most of their bread and butter comes from ordinary everyday people who look just like you and me.

There are some great reasons for using a gym.

  • The variety of equipment available is generally much more than you could ever afford.
  • They can be useful for motivating you particularly if you are paying up front.
  • It doesn’t rain or get too hot or cold in the gym
  • You get to hang out with people who have the same goal as you which is to be fit and active. If you want to be fit then hanging out with fit people will help
  • As a part of your membership most gyms will design a program just for you and check on your progress.
Womens gym fitness over 50

Most gyms offer a free pass for either one day or a week or so. The longer the better then you can go at different times to see if it is right for you.

Depending on where you live you could get one whole month of free gym passes as you try them all out before deciding. That is one whole month where you set in train a gym program for the future.

Most of us are lucky enough to also have access to council or government owned gyms. The same rules apply as for commercial ones. They are often subsidised by the groups who run them and it can work out very cost effective particularly if you live in a very hot or cold climate that will often stop you going outside for a walk. Yes, you can just use the gym to get your walk in in bad weather.

Try these 4 top tips to success before you sign on the line.

  1. Decide what you will use it for eg. Cardio or classes or weights
  2. Decide when you will use it
  3. Test Drive it at different times of the day and different days of the week
  4. Decide how much you can afford

Make sure your gym membership doesn’t become your fat tax. That is don’t pay for it just to appease your conscience. If it isn’t working for you then stop paying and try something else. Maybe put the money towards a new bike or a swimsuit.

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