How Sitting Can Kill You, 6 simple tips to prevent it.

You may or may not know but in recent studies prolonged hours sitting have been linked with quite a remarkable increase in your Cardiovascular Risk Factors.The good news is that according to a new study having a high level of Cardio Respiratory fitness cancels out this effect. (1)

If you have a sedentary job or lifestyle, or even if you sit a lot at your hobbies, generally the key is to make sure you still take time out to keep you Heart, Lungs and Blood Vessels fit.

In another study on sedentary habits a strong correlation was found between waist circumference changes and moderate to vigorous physical activity and TV viewing. Again the more physical activity you did the less chance there was of there being an increase in your waist circumference. (2)

Why is this important?

Waist circumference is a major predictor of chronic disease particularly type 2 diabetes.

What should your waist circumference be? 

For women 80 cms or less. 

Fit N Fifty Plus with Jennifer Gale

6 Tips to Counteract the Effects of Sitting

  1. Get Fit, If you are not fit then get fit.
  2. Plan, plan your exercise in advance.
  3. Stand Up, try doing some of your sitting things standing up.
  4. Take a Break, have proper breaks for lunch etc. and move around.
  5. Set Reminders, use a fitness watch or app or even an old fashioned alarm clock to remind you to move.
  6. Move, move more everywhere you can and at every opportunity.

If you are a woman over 50 you should be doing some physical exercise 5-6 days a week. It should be for an hour to keep you in tip top physical condition. If you are not at that level then just start out slow and add a little bit every week. You will soon get there.

(1) Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Sedentary Time, and Cardiovascular Risk Factor Clustering Nauman et a,l Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, April 2016 – Volume 48 – Issue 4- p 625-632
(2) Physical Activity, Television Viewing Time, and 12 Year Changes in Waist Circumference Shibata et al. Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, April 2016 – Volume 48- Issue 4 –p 633-640

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