Think You Don't Have Time to Get Fit

Consider this a one hour workout takes up only 4% of your day!

So where, I hear you say, can I ever fit that in?

It all comes down to being smart about when and where you take that hour to care for your self and your health.

Get up Earlier

  • It is quite amazing how much you can fit in before 8 am if you just get up a touch earlier. The great thing about scheduling your exercise in the early morning is that it is over and done with so one less thing to think about.
  • It also sets you up for the day really well. All that oxygen has already been pumping around your brain so you are well and truly “en pointe”.

Exercise at lunchtime

  • Particularly useful if you work really long hours because it forces you to take a break and leaves you buzzing for the rest of the day.
  • You could also strike up a buddy group or go with a friend that way you will be accountable to someone and that always helps.

Exercise at Home

  • One thing I notice is that if I exercise at home then my family don’t think I have gone and left them because I am still at home.
  • It also means you don’t have to waste time travelling and getting dressed and undressed in proper clothes.

Exercise on the way to and from things like work

  • Tack your exercise onto the end or beginning of your work day and go via the pool, gym or even the oval or park.
  • This sandwich is brilliant for reducing your stress either from work or home. The gap gives you time to be more in the moment when you get to your next destination, be it work or home, so you are really present when you should be.

Here’s a trick to try

  • For the next 21 days commit to doing at least one of these things.
  • Set your alarm earlier and get up and exercise.
  • Schedule  lunchtime exercise into your diary.
  • Detour either on your way to or from work.

Some days it will be hard but if you think it is only for 21 days then your mind thinks this is only for a short time so I’ll do it.

At the end of the 21 days you will be amazed at the difference in you, your health and how much you actually achieved.