9 Reasons Why You Should be Wearing Exercise Tights

What you exercise in is often a very personal choice, but if you just followed the advertisements you could begin to believe that you have to be an elite athlete under 30 and have a perfectly proportioned physique before you might venture into the right kind of gear.

I’m here to tell you that despite being marketed to the young and beautiful, exercise tights are the hidden weapon of the 50 plus woman and you need to be wearing them.

Why should you be wearing them instead of your shorts or jeans……

The short answer is.. because they are designed with that specific purpose in mind. As such theywill make your exercise routine, no matter what it is, more pleasurable.

They have lots of creature comforts such as

  1. Little pockets to put your phone or IPod in, so you can listen to my Podcast!
  2. Flat seams to stop chafing
  3. Fabric that wicks away sweat, important whether you are out in hot or cold weather
  4. Generally nice wide waistbands that don’t roll and pucker
  5. Ventilation panels in appropriate spots, such as the crutch.
  6. Long ones sometimes have zips for a good fit, although not my personal favourite. Being short means they are always too long and so the zips only annoy me.
  7. Reflective detailing so if you are in low light you can be seen.
  8. They can be season specific so very, very light ones for hot weather and lined ones to keep out the wind for cold conditions.
  9. Some of them also come with specific support panels that can help with muscle wobble and therefore reduce muscle fatigue.

I think the best thing about exercise tights is the massive reduction in thigh chafing for those of us who have less than stick pin thighs. This one thing alone can be the difference between walking fast and actually getting a benefit from your exercise, or not.

A Little Note on Compression Wear

Compression Wear is where the tights, socks or shirts, have been manufactured to give a tight supportive fabric designed to reduce muscle movement and improve blood flow. The manufacturing science says that as a result this reduces muscle fatigue, so you can exercise longer. That it reduces lactic acid build up and therefore reduces muscle soreness, and that it improves recovery times from hard workout sessions.

Most of the scientific journals have not found conclusive evidence that this works. However, it seems to be a very subjective thing and those people that use it love it and feel they get some benefits out of it.

They do feel good to exercise in as the less wobble just makes you feel different.

Personally I use them for my hard runs as I like to try and get as much done with as little damage as possible and this seems to work for me. I also use them after a triathlon as a recovery aid. I will also use them all the time if I am carrying any kind of niggle.

I think for older women they are worth it if only for their protective benefits, if you can afford them. Oh and they are also very tight and can be hard to get on and off.

MyTips on Buying Tights

There are some very expensive tights on the market, no doubt about that. But there are high quality low cost tights as well with all the same features.

Just like ordinary clothing there are new designs and colours released across the year by the various sporting brands. So just like other clothes they have specials and end of season sales. You can get enormous savings on very fancy brands, particularly on line, if you don’t mind wearing last season’s colours.

My personal favourites are.......

Wiggle an online sports store who, along with big names, also have their own brand which is excellent very well priced and generally very well made.  

Lululemon they have fabulous waist bands and you can buy different lengths as well as different waist bands. I have also found them to be incredibly long wearing and generous in sizing.

Mizuno because their fabrics are so light you feel like you are not wearing anything. They are a bit on the small size though so be careful.

Running Bare, I just like their cool vibe, they are also really long lasting and have good sizing particularly for larger ladies.

Bodiccea; Ally Muller and the team there have designed some great non muffin top waist bands for their tights, as well as having antimicrobial properties in their fabrics. These are absolutely fabulous and they come in some great designs.

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What's coming between you and your shoes?

Yes, even walking you need to make sure you have good socks.

Most shoes are designed to be worn with socks but a sock is not just a sock. Like shoes they can make or break your enjoyment of your sessions.

A bad pair of socks can give you blisters and may lead you to develop callouses on your feet.

Socks protect your foot, and provide the cushioning and interface between your shoes and your skin, so it’s really important they:

Are the Right Size
Can’t believe I have to say this but I have seen people with that little piece of material bulging over the back of their shoe. Having too much material in the sock will mean your shoe won’t fit properly. Having not enough will squash your toes and your feet.
The Right Type
Yes, different socks for different things just like your shoes. Running socks for running, cycling socks for riding and walking socks for walking. They are all made with supports and cushioning in different places so they support you in what ever you are doing.
The Right Weather Credentials
Just like your other clothes good socks are designed to be used in different weather conditions. Some to keep your feet cool and others to keep them warm. All of them should wick sweat away from your skin.

The Best kinds to buy are:

  • The best ones you can afford
  • Made of technical fabric
  • Designed for the purpose for which you are going to use it.

Good socks do not have seams that rub you.

My favourites

Oh and just like everything else replace them regularly, holes aren’t that good for your feet either.

If you can’t get what you need from your local shop buy online but let the local shop know they may get them in for you.

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Looking After "The Girls" How to Buy the Perfect Sports Bra

Want to Listen to an Expert?  Press the Fit N Fifty Plus Button and listen to Ally Muller from Bodiccea to get the inside edge.


Your breasts are made up of very delicate tissue that takes quite a hammering over your lifetime. Even if you don’t have children, yes they are worth the effort but they do wreak havoc on your body, the hormonal changes you undergo as a woman will affect your breasts throughout your life.

Breasts are supported by things called Coopers Ligaments and your skin which means they do need quite a bit of help to keep them in place and ageing gracefully.

Having good support whilst you exercise is paramount to your experience of being fit and healthy. If your bra rubs, chafes, rides up or down and generally feels uncomfortable you are going to be less likely to exercise.


Sports Bras are specially designed to keep your breast from moving too much and keeping you cool and dry. It does not matter what your size you need a sports bra. To get the right size you need to measure there are many bra calculators on the web. I recommend the one at www.bodiccea.com.au they also sell really good bras and are happy to answer questions and help you.


Different activities make your body move in slightly different ways so a crop top might be good for a gently Yoga class but definitely no good for walking or running. You need a bra designed for activity so that it is made of the correct fabric to wick away your sweat.


Most of us over 50 will have our favourite types of bras, however if you are an underwire girl this doesn’t translate to using underwire in your sports bras. Underwire will rub, particularly if you get sweaty. It is restrictive and doesn’t move with you, and we all know what a joy it is when the wire comes out and pokes you!