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Wearable Devices why, when and what to look out for?

Peta Gillian

Wearable Devices why, when and what to look out for?
Peta and I talk through the use of wearable devices. We take a little journey through the development of them and how we have both used them. We also talk about the top things to think about if you are thinking about buying one, and how they might help you either keep on track or keep motivated.  Listen in to understand a little more about them and also which one you should ask for, for your next gift.

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Have you lost your Mojo?
Well we all do sometimes even me. Peta from Strong Healthy Women talks with me today about how we might get back the feeling of excitement.

I challenge Peta to talk me through how to get it back. We also talk about why it goes away and how it is all a part of the ebb and flow of life.

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When Things Don't Go To Plan

Peta Gillian

When things don’t go to plan, how do you keep healthy and well? We all have those times when the world just falls to pieces. Our partners get really sick or one of your family members needs more support than normal or even when you move house and your routine is disrupted.

We talk about the little things you can do to have some semblance of control over your diet and activity. How to build in some activity and learn to listen to your body. We also touch on what to do when the world has overwhelmed you and some of the things you can do to reconnect and also help someone else. What is your community and how do you define it?

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What's Not To Love About Stretching?

Peta Gillian

What’s not to love about stretching?

Peta from Strong Healthy Women and I chat about stretching. Why you should do it? What exactly it does for your body and how to incorporate it into your daily life. Stretching is so important as you get older because it stimulates collagen as well as getting rid of the by-products of exercise and helping your blood get around to where it is most needed. Of course we have a bit of a laugh and confess that we didn’t start until we were both quite old. Listen in to understand how this is one of the habits you should be making for yourself.

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Fit 'n Fifty Plus Stretching Article

Your Brain, Menopause, Hormones

& How it all Affects Your Eating

Justine Cecile

Your brain, menopause, hormones and how it all affects your eating with Justine Cecile. The one thing I love about my guest and women I meet is their amazing back stories and how they end up helping other women. Justine has a fascinating back story, but most of all she has one of the most unique approaches to holistic care during menopause for her clients. She is a functional, diagnostic nutrition practitioner, which means a science and functional based medicine approach to healthcare.

We spend time talking about your brain, and how the way we manage our brains can affect our transition through this fabulous part of our life.

A life long learner Justine talks about her journey with fibromyalgia and her mission in life to help women be healthier versions of themselves.

Justine's Website

Yes we are going into a very deep conversation about all things sexual with the very knowledgeable Janet McGeever. Janet has recently co-authored a book with Diana Richardson on “Tantric Sex and Menopause, Practices for Spiritual and sexual renewal.

Phew.. well it is a bit of a hot topic especially if you are menopausal. Janet gives us some amazing information about why many women might not be enjoying sex with their partner or worse still just giving up on sex and intimacy.

Janet talks about love and connection and how we all need to slow down and start experiencing the joy of relationship. We also cover off why we might just be missing out on some good things for the rest of our bodies as a result.

I learned a lot and I am sure you will too.

Book Link: Tantric Sex and Menopause

Janet's Website here.

Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Angela Melit

Women’s Health Physiotherapist and very smart woman Angela Melit joins me in the pod this week, and how amazing is this woman? Angela’s passion is trying to keep us all moving and being able to do the things we really want to do.

We talk through incorporating things into your everyday movement to improve your pelvic floor functioning instead of leaving it to your gym / exercise session. The importance of posture and breathing in everything you do so you can reduce the pressure on your pelvic floor and keep It healthy.

There’s so much more in this chat but Angela’s parting point is to think about what do you want to be doing when you are 80 because you need to prepare now.

You can find Angela here.

A trainer with a difference that is exactly what Alison McGrath is. As a woman with a lifetime of experiences, Alison’s approach is to bring all that she has learned in life together. With this she is able to help other women who are still working to get the very best out of their lives and themselves.

After her initial career in the fitness industry Alison went off and pursued a career in corporate and small business becoming extremely successful but also undergoing the highs and lows of that life. It was one of these lows that finally made her realise she wanted to go back to working with women to help them be fit and healthy even if they too are in stressful and high powered jobs.

We talk all things fitness and how hard it can be as a woman to make time for yourself. We also go a little down memory lane and chat about aerobics classes and her intention to reintroduce retro classes complete with leotards.

Alison's Facebook Page: WOMEN fit&healthy

Ageless Confidence

Peta Gillian

Ageless Confidence what exactly is it? Peta Gillian and I talk through the lessons we learned at the Ageless confidence workshop Peta hosted in Brisbane. As well as what we learned we go through the hints and tips from the speakers and what the amazing women thought about being together and listening to different things. Everything from a speaker on incontinence to how to look good in your cozzie, or swimsuit depending on where you live. An interesting chat with some great tips to incorporate into your healthy life.

You can find Peta at Strong Healthy Women

Go Live! Get Your Voice Heard

Victoria Rose

Go Live, Get Your Voice Heard and share all of that passion and wisdom you have amassed in your life. Yes this week I chat with the Queen of LiveStream Victoria Rose about going live, videoing and all that goes with it.

We talk about why it is important to get our voices out there into society and how much older women in particular have to offer to those around us. We of course also talk about being fearless and taking risks and Victoria discusses with me why taking a risk is so exciting and can be defining for your life journey. As she says don’t let the dash between the beginning and end of your life leave you wondering what that was all about. Make it matter, stand up and be heard…

Go to: LiveStream ABC 

Winter Warmers :  How to Keep Going

Peta Gillian

How to Keep Going when you don’t really feel like it. A conversation about how to keep motivated and why you can’t really rely on it. Peta from Strong healthy women and I go through the many things you could do to support a healthy exercise habit.

We delve into your inner reasons and goals you have for yourself and how these need to be strong enough and important enough for you to ignore the weather and other distractions. In a conversation that spans the globe as usual we cover off everything from clothes to exercising at home.

You can find Peta at Strong Healthy Women

Today we turn the Tables

Jennifer and Peta Talk all things Menopause

Yes indeed today my good friend and colleague Peta from Strong Healthy Women Brisbane interviews me yes me Jennifer from Fit N Fifty Plus about all things Menopause. We talk about the good the bad and the ugly and put a much more positive spin on the best part of your life.

The usual hormone discussion but with an evolutionary twist and some tips and hints from both of us about travelling through this period of your life. The number one takeaway is that everyone’s journey is different and if you need help then go out and get it.

You can find out on my Menopause Page built just for you!

Yes communication can be quite difficult and we also bring so much of our past, and our bad habits, with us into the space.

This week I talk with stand up comedienne Jo Drennan and her business partner Ilka about their fabulous Facebook live series about just this very topic. Ilka and Jo present a very funny look at how we live our lives and what we do with our relationships through live streaming.

The very best thing is they are older women who have lived quite a bit and so they have a unique and very funny perspective on what and how we tick.

You can find Jo & Ilka on Facebook 

Planks for a Healthy Life

Peta Gillian

Just what are the pieces of this healthy life puzzle and how can you incorporate them easily into your life so you can get more out of it?

Just a little question that Peta, from strong Healthy Women, and I talk about in this conversation.

Believe it or not they are not the most complicated things in the world but actually understanding them and establishing how you can improve each part will make a difference to your health and wellbeing.

As usual this conversation takes us to some interesting places.

You can find Peta at Strong Healthy Women

Retire With Joy

Maria Patserakis

Just what does this word mean to you? Actually what does it really mean in our modern context where many of us go on to have more than one career. The second one starting after we have supposedly retired.

Meet Maria Patserakis who is dedicating her time and energy to helping women actually retire with “Joy”. Maria and I go deep into what this means for women, the opportunities it opens up and Maria also gives us the heads up on what you need to think about ahead of time.

No this is not a discussion about money, thank heavens, but one about the most important thing to you and that is your life and what you do with it.

You can find Maria at her Facebook page Retiring with Joy

You can download Marias Keys to Retiring with Joy

Working out at home

with Peta Gillian

Peta from Strong, Healthy Women Brisbane and I take you through your house, garden and maybe your farm to show you how you can make the everyday a part of your exercise routine.

We talk about incorporating fun with your family into your fitness routine as well as an interesting discussion about what you might wear whilst working out in the comfort of your own backyard, apartment, house or property.

Some really good tips to set up your own workout with things you already have.

You can find Peta at Strong Healthy Women 

If you want to learn more about working out at home check out my article

Exercising at Home 

Well this week’s guest Leah Shepherd can really help you get some perspective and help you really understand what is really going on. Leah and I talk all about relationships, breaking up and grief about not having that certain person there anymore. Leah’s own story is a fascinating journey into understanding what happens to you physically and emotionally when you “break up”.

Leah has spent many years researching the physiology of this type of grief initially to understand her own reactions, but then to understand more so she can help others.

If you have ever wondered why it hurts so much then listen in, even if you haven’t it is a fascinating topic about the connection between your body and soul so to speak.

You can find Leah at Honour Your Breakup

Keeping strong when you are running or getting fit. Peta Gillian from Strong Healthy Women joins me to talk all things weights and weight training for women.

Why training with weights and resistance training is important and just what can you do.

As usual Peta has some fun little tips to keep you smiling. We talk through the difference between actual weights and just using your body. Balance skills and how to jazz it up a little.

You can find Peta at Strong Healthy Women Brisbane

(Psst. You might also like to try my squat challenge to get started 

Barefoot and what now? Feet and your body

with Paul Thompson, Podiatrist from the Barefoot Movement

Did you know that when you walk you are nearly always balancing on one leg? This week I talk with “The Barefoot Podiatrist”, Paul Thompson about understanding your feet and the impact that they have on your body and your health.

Paul started out his career as a ”normal” podiatrist but his own issues with his feet, and having a small child got him interested in the role shoes play in our lives. Most importantly, just how very important your feet and their connection to your brain actually is.

Paul and I talk about one of the best ways to improve your movement by actually taking your shoes off. We talk about how you might transition to doing more barefoot action and also set some challenges to help you improve your balance. A truly insightful exploration about movement and how to improve yours as you get older.

You can find Paul at The Barefoot Movement where there are some great resources to improve your feet and your balance.

Now I’m exercising what should I be eating, with Sally Marchini.

Yes the delightful Sally Marchini APD joins me once again in the hot seat to talk specifically about eating for your exercising body.

Sally talks in detail about what you should and should not be worrying about. As well as some really good advice on keeping it simple.

We cover off on superfoods, carb loading and a whole host of other things food related.

You can find Sally at Marchini Nutrition

Personal Training with a difference. It would be fair to say that personal trainers come from all walks of life and backgrounds but JJ Armstrong has possibly the best and most fascinating background of anyone I have ever met.

You see JJ was responsible for the personal training of combat soldiers in the British Army. So in fact their lives depended on their fitness and that was what JJ was responsible for. It’s fair to say that JJ’s journey since then has been quite remarkable from being one of the few female trainers in the British Army she went on to learn even more by studying at the prestigious United States Sports Academy.

All of this has led her to develop a different approach to ageing, keeping fit and burning fat. She has 2 well tried and tested programmes Transform2Alpha and T2A Combat Aging. A very inspiring and intelligent woman we have a fantastic conversation about just how hard is too hard, and the physiology of getting and keeping fit as we get older. We also talk about the power of your mind and how that can make or break your health.

You can access the special Fit N Fifty Plus offer on her site Transform2Alpha

Shar Qui Bellydance Fitness

with Oreet

This is not your usual fitness class, and definitely not your usual belly dance class either. Oreet specially designed the SharQui belly dance fitness because she wanted a faster more intense workout, along with all of the benefits of belly dancing. Oreet also designed the music to match.

Listen as we chat about the history of belly dance, and it has nothing to do with men. Using finger cymbals when you dance and why that is a part of belly dancing. More importantly the benefits of doing something you love to keep fit.

You can find Oreets special free 30 minute Bellydance fitness download  here

Bellydance fitness Free 30 minute download

The Comedy of Your Life 

with Jo Drennan

Jo Drennan is a very funny woman but she wasn’t always that way. After a lifetime of very straight and structured thinking Jo realised that she needed to change if she was going to enjoy the rest of her life. Jo did something that not many of us would even think about doing let alone follow through with. Jo decided to go and learn how to do Improv Comedy, and it changed her life. Learning to communicate using humour has unlocked her passion for living, her ability to communicate with the people around her and most importantly allowed her to really live her life.

Listen in to a very, very funny conversation about life as a woman, being yourself and dating as you get older.

You can find Jo through her website  School Stuff Sorted

Bliss Runner host Suzanna Miller and I delve into the mysteries of the female body, sexual energy and orgasms, yes you read that correctly…

Suzanna thought there had to be more to life than what she was experiencing in her physical relationships and so she started meditating on a deep level. To her surprise her body reacted in an interesting way.

Listen in to a detailed discussion about personal energy, sex, your body and things you can do to really enjoy your physical relationships.

I learned a lot and I am sure you will too. Make sure you have your headphones in!

You can find Suzanna and her podcasts at

and the book we talked about "Womens Anatomy of Sexual Arousal" by Sheri Winston

Listen in and have a good laugh whilst I interview Heather Joy Campbell a Laughter Yoga practitioner and teacher.

Heather and I explore how good laughing is for you, and how your brain doesn’t know the difference between fake and real laughing.

Heather gives us some little tips for pretending to smile so you get the endorphins to de-stress immediately. She also gives us a few hints for incorporating mindful, or thoughtful laughing into our everyday.

I guarantee that you will be smiling at the end of this conversation.

You can find Heather at

Have you ever wondered what it is? Join me as I discuss this amazing practice with Margaret Kaye, an experienced practitioner and inspirational woman.

Margaret takes us through a little mindfulness and exercise practice you can do sitting in your chair to show us exactly how powerful being aware and moving gently can be for your body and its movement.

We talk about how you can retrain your body to move better and with less pain if you just become more aware of what it is you are doing with it.

A really enjoyable and interesting conversation about your capability and the ageing myth.

You can find Margaret at

Episode 88

 Leah Steinberg is an expert in “stuff” but particularly in managing your “stuff”. Leah talks with me about the service she offers to people who need to declutter and downsize.

You know all of those things you have stored under the bed, in the shed and in that dusty cabinet? Well Leah can come in and help you pack it, sell it and get rid of it so you can go off and travel the world without worrying about the dusting.

Leah and I talk about the trials and tribulations of clearing out your life and moving on, and the international movement of senior move managers.

A very practical discussion about getting the right kind of help and making some space in your life.

You can find Leah at Care to Move and on Facebook

Episode 87

Sally Marchini, 

Weight, what is it really?

And what are you really made up of? This week I ponder that question with Accredited Practicing Dietitian Sally Marchini. Sally and I talk about a new machine that can tell you the exact make up of your body especially where your fat is hiding. Why is that important? Well it does make a difference to your health, so listen in to find out where it should and shouldn’t be.

Sally and I also talk about women’s health week and the importance of looking after yourself and attending to your own health checks.

You can find Sally at Marchini Nutrition

You can find a Womens health dietitian at Nutrition Plus

and check out fat and muscle mass measurements through Inbody

See what is available where you live by clicking on your flag at the bottom

Episode 86

Tina McCarthy

Wheel Women

Rolling down the road with Tina McCarthy. Have the courage to take the first step. Drag your bike out of the shed and have some fun.

Tina McCarthy is the very definition of fun. Behaving like a child comes naturally to her especially when riding her bike.

Tina is the founder of Wheel Women, a group dedicated to teaching women cycling skills and increasing the number of women riding their bikes. Tina is also the recipient of the Iris Dixon Medal which recognised her contribution to women’s cycling.

This conversation has some great tips for starting out but also great commentary on being a “sports” person as a woman over 50.

Check in and then check out on the road and into nature and have some fun.

You can find Tina at Wheel Women

Episode 85

Whole Food Health

Sal Prothero

Eating whole foods for your health with Sal Prothero qualified Nutritionist and whole Food practitioner. Oh yes my favourite topic FOOD. Sal Prothero took quite a while to actually get her nutrition qualifications but like every good woman she never gave up. Sal talks with us about the benefits of eating foods in their whole state as much as you can and the advantages for your body.

We touch on what carbs really are and why you shouldn’t eliminate them from your diet completely. What you can eat for your brain health. Probiotics and keeping your gut healthy so it can absorb all the nutrients you need.

So get out there and have a slice of sourdough (oh yes they do make gluten Free ones as well) with some good pickles on it.

You can find Sal at Whole Food Nutrition

Episode 84

Get Help FAST 

That’s the message from this week’s incredible woman Shelagh Brennand. Shelagh, not quite 50 at the time, was out in her garden just a few years ago when she started to feel quite unwell. Unbeknown to her she was actually having a stroke. Fortunately, Shelagh’s son was home, and after collapsing she ended up in the back of the ambulance and on her way to hospital.

Shelagh and I chat about what having a stroke has meant to her. Her experience through diagnosis and recovery, and her amazing life now.

Shelagh has now dedicated her life to helping others understand about stroke, and has recently published a book of poems, “A Stroke of Poetry”, that she wrote to help her through her recovery.

Her biggest tips; be grateful for all you have, and know the signs of a stroke.

You can buy Shelagh's book "A Stroke of Poetry" on her Web Site A Stroke of Poetry

You can also find Shelagh on Facebook

Episode 83

It's never too late in fiction or in life to revise” so said Janis Joplin. My guest this week has certainly lived that mantra since she turned fifty.

Jeanette Anderson from Nature Direct talks with me about changing your direction in life, taking risks and keeping active and curious as you get older.

Jeanette will definitely inspire you to take on the things you have always wanted to do. We talk about how other people view you, and what happens when all of a sudden you are not the person they have known for the last 50 years, and how challenging that can be. 

Jeanette’s outlook on life is full of energy and determination to really enjoy her time on this earth. Listen in it might be just the inspiration you are looking for.

You can find Jeanette at Nature Direct 

Episode 82

Just Juicy and all thing Menopause 

with Blogger Mel Kettle. 

In her early 40’s Mel Kettle started to have some unusual symptoms that she knew had nothing to do with stress. Her journey to diagnosis of an early perimenopause sent her online and blogging about just what it is like to be a woman facing all of these things.

Mel and I talk about the good, and bad, of what happens to you personally when you live through this part of your life. Everything from the joys of not having periods through to the inability to sleep every night, and all things in between.

Mel has some really practical tips for hot flushes and sleeping, as well as her biggest wish… that we talk about this a lot more with the men in our lives so that they too can understand what is really going on.

You can find Mel on her

You can find Chilly Towels on her site here Chilly Towels at Just Juicy

Episode 81

..and have some boundaries. One of the gems from this week’s conversation with Talli Kimelman.

Talli is one powerhouse of a woman who has spent her life doing what she loves, and interestingly what she actually knew she wanted to do from day one, caring for children. 

Having trained as a teacher Talli went on to have 11 children who are now grown. Talli then decided this was her time and she could start to do all of the things she had wanted to.

An experienced teacher, parenting coach and author of "Make Mine a Mensch" Talli talks about parenting, grand-parenting and what it is like to be a woman over 50 and living your life to the full.

You can find Talli on Facebook

You can buy her book "Make Mine a Mensch"

Episode 80

Rule your World

Yes that is right you can rule your little corner of the world using an activity app called Run and Rule. Best of all it’s free.

This week I catch up with Clare Sanders from Run and Rule, a new activity tracking app for IPhones that she and her partner have developed.

The app tracks your activity and then uses that to allow you to build up your territory, therefore letting you rule your world.

It’s simple and easy to use, but best of all great fun. You can have teams, as well as using it on your own.

Clare also shares some great tips for making activity a part of your everyday.  Give it a go you never know it might just be the one thing that keeps you out there and moving.

Click to download Clare's App Run & Rule

You can find Clare at and on Facebook 


 Jennifer’s new book. Listen in as Jennifer is interviewed by Janine Hall, from Organic Lip Balm, about her new book which is now available in hard copy.

Jennifer explains why she wrote the book and discusses the four sections. Preparing, Pursuing, Persevering and Purchasing and how they fit together As well as how you might use it to design a fitter and healthier life for yourself as a Fifty Plus Woman.


Brown Fat, White Fat, Good Fat Bad Fat 

Carla Johnson, Accredited Practising Dietitian 

Let’s talk the whole thing out. If you are confused about what these things are and how they affect you then listen in to Carla Johnson Accredited Practising Dietitian.

Carla gives us the real deal on how fat actually works in your body. Did you know the babies use their brown fat to keep warm? Also that not keeping your house too hot can actually help your brown fat burn more energy in your body.

Carla takes us through what kind of fat is the best to have, oh and that you should be having some good fat every day. We take a brief diversion to talk about coconut oil and what it really is.

So eat up, add an avocado and drizzle some olive oil on that salad and be merry. Life never tasted so good.

You can find Carla at Carla Johnson and on Facebook


Sportswear for real women with Corina Collins.

Corina Collins decided it was time to create a new life and as a part of that took to designing her own sport wear for real women, and in colours other than black. Yes, women who are a little bigger than size 6 and definitely over 18.

Corina talks with me about her decision and also about what makes good sportswear and what you should look for when buying. We talk about good design, designs with sleeves and buying good quality so you can’t see through, especially your tights!

Check it out there will be some tips in here for everyone.

Oh and since we interviewed Corina her company has now processes to ship overseas.

You can find Corinas' gear at Never Look Back


“When you’re sitting on the edge of the plane with your legs tucked under the fuselage you realise there is no backing out.”

Alison Vidotto is a mother of 6, an award winning business woman and an author, who has a challenge for herself to do one extreme thing every year. This year it was skydiving!

Why would you do that I hear you say? Join me in an exploration of her adventure, and her reflections on life and how to live it well.

You can find Alison at Push Leadership


"Being Fit and Well"

Leanne Yeung, Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist Leanne Yeung has a passion for helping people get the best out of their life. Despite pressure to become a Doctor Leanne decided that drowning people in pills was not the best way to go, and that exercise and movement was more likely to get long lasting results.

Leanne has a fascination for the human body and takes us through some simple treatments for some of the aches and pains we might experience. This includes an in depth discussion on why heat packs really work and when and where to use them.

If you have ever wondered when to use ice and when to use heat, and exactly how your body responds to injury, then this conversation will definitely fill in your information gaps.

You can find Leanne at Fit and Well Physiotherapy

To Access the Easily Pain Free Quick Conversation package send the following message EASILYPAINFREEPHCALL to +61 437333075

For a 5 Step Guide to get you back on track send the following message 5STEPSTOBEPAINFREE to number: +61428479700


"Your Nose Knows"

Angela Vrettas from the Scent of Life

Bespoke perfumer and clinical aromatherapist Angela Vrettas and I take a delightful romp through the world of scent. How essential oils and their powerful properties as well as their smell can contribute to your well-being.

Do you remember the smell of your mother or some other significant person in your life?

What smells do you love and just what kind of smell or perfume do people relate to you?

Angela talks about how she identifies a person’s essence so she can create a bespoke perfume just for you.

Such a lovely conversation one destined to make you smile the next time you smell something you recognise.

You can find Angela at Scent of Life where you can download her Daily Self Care Planner

You can also access her special Aroma Bliss Special


"Get out of your own way."

Dr Elise Sullivan

Dr Elise Sullivan, author of “Laying Bare the Power of You”, entrepreneur, dedicated horse woman and woman over 50 and I talk about life and the journey through your fifties.

Elise takes us through some of the significant journeys in her life and we both reflect on how good it is to be over 50 and what that can mean for you as a woman.

We cover everything from being silent for 10 days with Vipashna meditation through to a modern day love story and also cover off easy ways to feel at one with yourself.

Listen in for a funny but insightful look at one woman’s journey to empowerment and good health.

You can find Elise at and

buy her book at "Laying Bare the Power of You."


Yesiree, Fit N Fifty Plus managed to get not one but three guests on to talk about boxing.

Why you should do it, what you need and also how much fun it can be.

Join with Peta Gillian ( yes almost a regular), Alexander Norris and Sallyanne Milham, all from Strong Healthy Women Brisbane, as I try to get to grips with the fun of punching.

All three women are fun and have great tips and insights into getting fit and having fun.

You can contact Peta and her team at Strong Healthy Women


Suck it up Buttercup with Warrior Woman Jenny Ryder. All I can say is wow I am in awe of Jenny Ryder. Having developed a passion for being fit and healthy just before she turned 50 Jenny decided to go the whole hog and buy a gym a year ago and she isn’t looking back.

Jenny talks about what makes a good gym great and what you should look for in a good gym as well as giving us her tips for keeping fit and healthy which includes “Make it Fun”. She also talks about “Suck it up Buttercup” an obstacle event she is training some women for. You really will love this conversation.

If ever you are in downtown Grafton NSW look her up she has offered a free session! 


Recharge Your Body with

Kristie Melling

I’m lucky enough to have enticed Kristie Melling back into the studio to talk about taking good care of your body through massage, and how to do it yourself.

Kristie from Feeling Peachy is a thoughtful, practical and vivacious massage therapist who believes in being kind to your body but also learning how to take care of it yourself.

Join us as Kristie takes us through her new “Recharge Your Body” and “Couples Massage” programs and gives us a couple of really worthwhile tips for taking care of your feet and your partner.

You can find Kristie at Feeling Peachy

As a special for Fit N Fifty Plus devotees you can buy both of her two programs together for a low price of $97.00 which is a big saving of over $100


Yes this weeks’ topic is X rated, it even has an explicit rating for ITunes, that is we are talking about sex, vaginas and things you can do to help you have a full, happy and sexy life.

I am speaking with Natalie Holzgrefe from V’Juvenate about vaginal and sexual dysfunction and incontinence, and the latest technology to help you with these issues.

So no missing out on your gym sessions, or feeling uncomfortable and then not doing what you need or would like to do just because of problems “down there”.

This is an depth discussion about a fascinating new treatment that might be just the right thing for you.

You can find out more about V"Juvenate and Natalie at V'Juvenate


Money the age old issue that has brought world powers down, pushed couples apart and damaged the health of more than one of us in some way during our lives.

This weeks’ guest Maggie Wilde talks with me about how you can improve your health, and your feelings of abundance, by changing your mindset. Maggie is an author as well as having an amazing business helping people change their mindsets to help them lose weight.

Maggie and I talk through some simple strategies, that you can use every day, to help you get more of what you want and need from the universe.

You can find Maggie's Money Program  here at   The Potentialist

Episode 67

The amazing Pilgrims walk is something that many of us dream about but few of us find the time and the energy to complete.

Meet Doreen Schwegler a woman with an appetite for walking and adventures of all kinds and who manages to have both of these things in spades. Doreen is a naturopath with a background in scientific research and very much an inspirationally active woman over 50.

Doreen talks about the beauty, trials and tribulations of doing such a long walk and shares some of her stories from along the way. Doreen also shares some of the other adventures from her life as well as her philosophy and tips for being fit, well and healthy over 50.

You can find Doreen at All Degrees of Health where you can also buy Doreens Book 

You can watch her You Tube Clip on Genetic Profiling Here

Episode 66

Make Love to Your Skin! Yes, that’s right this weeks’ guest encourages you to make love to your skin twice a day.

Debbie Majella from Door of Youth talks with me about looking fabulous in your own skin. Loving yourself firstly, and taking care of your skin in the best and simplest way possible.

Debbie shares some great tips about dry brushing and AHA and why you should be looking at the ingredients in your skin care products. So if you are wondering how to get back your youthful glow listen in for some fantastic information.

You can find Debbie at Door of Youth Natural Organic Skin Care

Episode 65

Golf with

Deborah Marsland from VanityFairWays

Have you ever wondered about the mysteries of hitting that little white ball around the lawn? If so, and maybe if you just want to know a bit more, you should listen in to my conversation with Deborah Marsland.

Deborah loves her golf and takes time out to tell us why it is so good for you, how to start and how it can help to keep you a fit and active woman.

Deb also realised that it was hard to get good women’s gear and so she established her own online shop Fairways.

You can find Deb at Vanity Fairways

episode 64

Pilates on a Paddleboard, yes it is actually a thing you can do.More importantly my guest this week teaches it.

Monique Carole has many strings to her bow, kinesiologist and wholistic health practitioner but her most amazing skill is teaching you how to do pilates on a paddleboard.

Listen in as Monique shares her philosophies on life and health and explains how you too can get out on a paddleboard. I guarantee you will learn something.

You can find Monique at Prime Mover Wellness

episode 63

Walk 2017 with Moira Tobin. We’ve talked with intrepid adventurer Moira Tobin from Ducks Back before but this time we are focusing on her fabulous challenge that everyone can get involved in. Walking 2017 klms in this year of 2017.

Moira’s mantra is just move, move more today than yesterday and you will get there.

You can find Moira at Ducks Back

and at Walk 2017 

Episode 62

Creating Calm at Christmas; Yes it is possible to be calm through the Silly Season.

Today I talk with Lisa Allwell Yoga practitioner extraordinaire who takes us through using mindfulness to still your body and your mind.

Lisa spends 5 minutes taking us through a quick guided mindfulness workout which will definitely decrease your stress.

We talk about what you can do to keep calm when everything around you is frenetic. Also some tools you might like to use to help you with this.

One of Lisa’s top tips is not to give the small stuff any Oxygen.

You can find Lisa at Lisa Allwell Yoga

Episode 61

Peta Green from Strong, Healthy Women shares her tips for surviving the Silly Season without gaining 5 kg. Peta has survived many Silly Seasons and still remains fit and healthy.

We talk about making healthy choices, making sure you get out and exercise, and ask the question what kind of an older woman do you want to be? Actually it was what kind of a Granny / Nanna do you want to be but it is the same thing. Peta talks about doing different things to keep moving like getting on the trampoline with your grandchildren, playing on the swings, getting in the pool and just generally having fun whilst doing it.

We also talk through some really good strategies for not overeating and drinking but still enjoying yourself. Some great advice for what can be a big time. No 1 tip to add exercise from Peta is to do 10 squats every time you go to the bathroom, let’s see how you go with that.

You can find Peta at Strong, Healthy Women 

Episode 60

Annette Poke

Inspiring Woman

Inspiring woman Annette Poke talks about her journey to health and fitness from being 100kg plus and feeling like life was not worth living, to the dynamo she is today inspiring women in her community.

Annette leads the Gold Coast Women over 50 Living Well Meet Up. Annette talks about Meet Up and the benefits of getting together with other women for support, friendship and health.

Among other things Annette does Karate Fit classes with her local black belt crew. Annette’s biggest tip “Get out of the House and move” 

Episode 59

Menopause Confidential..Get the latest up to date science backed information on all things menopause and perimenopause with Dr Tara Allmen.

Tara, a Board Certified medical practitioner is an expert in Women’s Midlife Health. Tara is also the author of Menopause Confidential probably one of the most concise and well written books on Menopause, Perimenopause, and all that goes with it I have ever read.

Listen in while she talks about the latest evidence based treatments and explanations of what is really going on with your body from top to toe.

A must listen episode for any woman from 45 and up.

You can contact  Dr Tara Allmen through Menopause Confidential

Episode 58

Confidence, what is it and just how do you get it?

To say this week’s guest has had an interesting life is a definite understatement. Di Riddell has lived through many things, some of which we are never touched by but this hasn’t stopped this amazingly inspirational woman from pursuing a healthy and happy life.

Di has written a book, overcame her fear of public speaking and now teaches other women to be more confident.

Di encourages us to get out of our comfort zones, focus on our own self-care and do something different in order to be the person you deserve to be. 

Episode 57

Want a Happier Healthier Life? Then ask yourself what would you be prepared to give up in order to have what you really want?

This week’s guest, Nicole van Hattem from “Hot & Healthy, talks with me about what a happier life might be and how you might go about finding it for yourself.

Nicole takes us through how to identify our self-limiting beliefs, the white noise in our heads, and the effect this can have on our life choices, and our experiences of good health.

This is a thought provoking, but fun, conversation about life, the choices we make and how they might change depending on your stage in life.

One of Nicole’s top tips…. Be Kinder to Yourself……

You can find Nicole at Hot & Healthy

Episode 56

Have you ever thought of using your holiday to start out on your health and fitness journey rather than getting fit to go on holidays? Well believe it or not there are people out there who can help you do just that. 

Samantha Lippiatt is a director of Health & Fitness Travel and her job is to find and manage holidays that can help make you, or keep you, healthy and fit.

Anything from learning to swim and mountain climbing, through to amazing yoga and wellness retreats. Health & fitness travel have holidays all over the world from St Lucia and Europe through to luxury escape walks in Australia.

We talk about solo travel, particularly as a woman, and how you can use as little as a few days to get yourself started to feeling healthy again.  So have a listen and get some inspiration for your next break so you come back looking and feeling like a million dollars.

You can find Samantha at Health and Fitness Travel

Episode 55

Sleep ZZZ How to have a blissful sleep. This week I chat with Bev Roberts from Living Fabulously about the Why and How of sleep.

Sleep is one of the most important parts of being a healthy and well woman and Bev has had a lifetime of experience in both doing it badly and then doing it well. Bev has some fantastic simple strategies that you could easily implement to improve your sleeping habits.

So put your feet up, have a chamomile tea and listen in.

You can contact Bev at Living Fabulously with Bev

Episode 54

Fit N Fifty Plus a Year in Review. Janine Hall interviews Fit N Fifty Plus Podcast Host  Jennifer Gale.

We cover off the highlights of the year and talk about why the Fit N Fifty Plus Podcast was developed. Where did the idea for sharing information about being a fit and healthy woman come from?

We  talk through the top three tips for being a fit and healthy woman over 50 that guests have given in the last year. We also discuss finding time and the guilt that sometimes goes along with putting yourself first.

Along the way we talk about Jennifer’s journey, trials and tribulations as well, to doing her first triathlon at 50 and where to from here.

An episode packed with tips and tricks.

Episode 53

 Osteoporosis; Susan Randall, the National Director for Science and Education at the National Osteoporosis Foundation in America, talks with me about bones, skeletons, calcium, exercise and diet.

How do our bones develop and what do we need to do when we are young to help them build up a bank we can draw from when we get older?

Why do our bones get weaker as we get older? What role does diet and exercise play in keeping us healthy as women. How much calcium and Vitamin D do I need every day and how do I get it?

A very meaty conversation with good easy to understand information about being a fit and healthy, and unbreakable, Fit N Fifty Plus woman.

You can find out more here

Episode 52

Women’s Health with Jutta Wohlrab. Jutta is simply a fascinating and extremely positive woman.

Jutta has lived all over the world and currently divides her time between Berlin and Australia. Jutta has a very different and down to earth take on being a healthy woman.

Jutta teaches Hormone Yoga and she takes us through why she believes this can really help you as a woman, but particularly through your menopause. We also take a few moments to do a bit of online breathing and relaxation. You will definitely feel better after you listen in to this one.

Episode 51

Amy McAuley

Power Hooping

Amy McAuley is passionate about power-hooping and making exercise fun. Amy moved with her family to New Zealand and had been power-hooping in the UK. There weren’t any classes in New Zealand so she set them up herself because she loves it so much.

Most of us would have used a hula hoop as a child. Power-hooping is like hula hooping on steroids as the hoop is weighted. Not only do you use it around your waist but the hoop is used to incorporate aerobic, weight work and Pilates to give you an all-round workout that is also a lot of fun.

Amy talks about the benefits of power-hooping both physical and mental and the sense of community that attending classes can give you.

Amy’s top tips; find something you love to keep you exercising and take time to care for yourself every day.

You can contact Amy at Powerhoop NZ

Episode 50

Tish Monahan

She Science

She Science is an amazing little company founded by Tish Monahan that is devoted to ensuring women are supported. Eh not in the usual way but in the most important way with their sports bras and gear making sure they can achieve great things.

Tish is really passionate about providing the best solutions for every woman, a passion born out of her own experience and one which she works hard at achieving. Tish talks with me about buying and choosing the right bra for you and being comfortable no matter what. We go into detail about whether or not you should have underwire and why a tank top is really not enough.

Tish understands that not all women are the same size and might have different needs for their tops and bottoms. She Science stocks up to a size J and 22 which is quite something. She has a team of people dedicated to working with women of all shapes and sizes.

Join Tish and I as we talk about the trials and tribulations of being active whilst being comfortable.

You can contact Tish at She Science

Episode 49

Yoga with Lisa Allwell. Lisa is a yoga practitioner, teacher and leader of retreats to India. Lisa took up teaching yoga full time as an older woman after a career in Public Health and she hasn’t looked back. After managing to do her first headstand at 44 Lisa realised that there was so much more she could do with her life if she only tried.

Lisa talks about her practice, and about the many health benefits of Yoga, from calming your mind through to being a part of a community of likeminded people. We talk through how to find the right yoga, and the right yoga teacher for you, as well as a discussion on online yoga and its uses.

Lisa also discusses Menopause and the use of mindfulness to help you travel that journey naturally. Lisa’s number 1 tip “Treat Yourself Lightly”.

This conversation will inspire you to have a go at Yoga that is if you don’t practice already.

You can contact Lisa at 

Lisa Allwell Yoga

Episode 48

Toni Planinsek talks with me about her amazing life. More pointedly about her experience of dealing with 2 bouts of breast cancer and now ovarian cancer.

You would think that this would have made her feel a little defeated but Toni has a very philosophical view on being ill which is I think unique.

Listen in as Toni talks through her experience and the differences 20 years has made to the treatment of women with cancer. Particularly the preservation of a woman’s hair, and what that has meant to her.

Toni is a positive and exuberant woman with a passion for life, who seems to have learned the lesson of gratitude for each and every day, and every thing.

This is a very personal conversation about having cancer as a woman. How it makes you feel, what changes in you and what might be a good philosophy to deal with it. I was honoured she was prepared to share this with me and with you. I encourage you to listen in.

Episode 47

Peta Green

High Intensity Interval Training

 Peta Green is a Morning Mojo Guru and an expert in getting you moving fast enough to burn calories. More importantly keeping you fit so you can enjoy your life.

Peta is a personal trainer who carefully explains how you can get fitter in less time through HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training.

Peta and I discuss the current state of play in exercise science and talk about how you can fit this into your life with some great examples.

Peta has some great tips including her 50/ 10 rule for moving more in your day, and her 8/12 sec HIIT regime.

You really will learn something to help you and possibly also reduce the amount of time you thought you needed to exercise.

This is a conversation loaded with practical tips.

You can contact Peta at

Strong Healthy Women

Episode 46

Water off a Ducks Back, I’m sure we all know that saying really well. This week’s guest, Moira Tobin, felt it reflected her philosophy on health and fitness so well she named her business after it. A business focused on food that you grow yourself, and physical fitness using the outdoors and your own body. Nothing fancy just plain common sense and using what you do everyday to be healthy and well.

Moira had always wanted to walk the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory of Australia. Having been there to see it with her family she had thought it would be too hard for her to do. Then one of her best friends and training partner died suddenly and she realized that life is short and set about training for and completing it.

Moira’s story contains some remarkable insights into the simplicity of keeping well and healthy, and about taking time for yourself so you can be there for other people.

Moira’s big tip drink more water. If you do nothing else drink more water.

So if you have something you have always wanted to do it then set your goal and make a plan.

You can contact Moira at

Ducks Back Sustainable Food & Fitness

Episode 45

Kokoda Trail Blazer Yvonne Shepherd is the Chief Adventurer for Women’s Fitness Adventures. What a cool title…. Yvonne decided a few years ago that she should do something special in her 50th year. Unlike most people she eschewed the usual romantic options of champagne in Paris or a Hot Air balloon flight, and with some of her friends and family they decided to walk the Kokoda Track.

The Kokoda Track was made famous through the 2nd world War and the defense of the Pacific against the Japanese. It is an incredibly grueling, physically challenging 96 km trek through the Owen Stanley Ranges in Papua New Guinea, a single person track through a tropical jungle. It is also well known as a vehicle for taking a long hard look at yourself and your life.

Yvonne gives us an incredible insight in what it takes to do something like this. Shares some of the good and not so good things about an adventure of this type and talks with me about the effect this has had on her and her family. Yes she also took her teenage son along.

Yvonne enjoyed this so much she is now putting together a trip so that other women can experience this for themselves. Watch this space.

An incredible woman and an incredible journey.

You can contact Yvonne and learn more about adventuring and maybe book one for yourself  at Womens Fitness Adventures

Episode 44

 Do you have bad knees? Do you despair of ever being able to get fit? Well this might just be the conversation for you.

Tracey Hynes is an inspirational woman, not just because she tries to be fit and healthy but that she managed to teach her knee to bend so she could ride her bike.

By teach I literally mean that. Tracey couldn’t even do one revolution on her bike because her knee would not bend but she persevered for weeks on end until she could get around all the way and since then she hasn’t looked back.

Her success spurred her on to even greater things such as actually taking mountain bike lessons, and learning how to fall off without really hurting herself.

Tracey has since had one of her knees replaced with the other one on the way. Again Tracey used her bike as a motivation and rehabilitation tool to get her out in the fresh air again.

An inspiration to keep on going and don’t stop when you really, really want to do something.

Episode 43

Krishna Everson 

Want to feel Like You're Flying?

Ever wanted to feel like flying? Well meet Hitz Legit 137, alias Krishna Everson, ace roller skater and amazingly fit and fifty woman who does the next best thing, roller skating. Krishna saw her first pair of skates at about age 8, fell in love with them and has been skating ever since.

She loves it so much that one day when she was asked if she would like to try out for a roller derby she began another chapter of her skating life. Krishna talks about the physicality of skating and the benefits of it, as well as taking us through some of the rules and language of the game.

Krishna encourages us all to at least go and watch a game, with great music and the glamour of the players she says you will be hooked. If you know how to skate then pull them out of the cupboard, put them on, and go for a spin. If not go anyway and maybe you can learn too, after all we only live once.

Episode 42

Jan Stevenson 

Cycling Gear for Comfort & Safety

Undies under your Knicks or not? Find out the answer when I chat with Jan Stevenson about women's cycling gear.

We cover off everything from correctly fitting helmets through to little gadgets to help you be seen and why you shouldn't shake hands in your gloves.

Even if you don't ride it is a fun conversation about women being fit and having fun. 

You can find Jan, her great gear and amazing adventures at

Cycle Away

Episode 41

Valerie Orton

Resilience in Times of Change

Resilience in times of change. What is it, why do you need it and how do you get it? Listen in as I talk with Valerie Orton an expert in resilience and helping people harness it to manage life’s ever changing landscape.

Our conversation takes us from a ski lodge in Austria, to the wonders of your mirror and loving yourself. Valerie talks about the 6 “R’s” of resilience, which she features in her about to be released book. Valerie also shares what she thinks are the three most important things for women over 50 in developing resilience for themselves.

A very in depth conversation about what it takes to be a more complete human being so you can enjoy what life has to offer you.

You can contact Valerie at

Episode 40

Dympna Kennedy, 

Grandmothers & Babies; Creating Balance in Families

Dympna Kennedy Creating Balance. One of the most interesting things that can happen when you are over 50 is the arrival of Grandchildren. For many of us it is a new and different experience as we revisit all of the things we learned as young mothers.

Dympna works with new mothers, and fathers in the first 12 months of the babies’ life. In particular women who have had a high flying corporate career or executive position where everything has always turned out just right. As we all know a new baby is not at all like that and it can be a pretty hair raising journey as you learn all about your new little person.

Dympna also works with the extended family and that more often than not involves Grandparents which is why she is talking with us about how to be a great Grandmother. Dympna takes us through some of the science of new babies and their brain development to explain why they behave as they do. She also talks about how to help and how to be a part of making sure a new baby feels safe and loved.

Trish Walker

Amazing and Inspirational Shrinking Woman

Trish Walker amazing, incredible shrinking woman, and an absolute inspiration.

Trish had spent her whole life battling with being very overweight. In fact, she gained and lost 50 kgs three times during her life until she found a solution that worked for her.

Trish talks candidly about what that journey was like and how she found the key to remaining fit, healthy and well. Her conversation will inspire and delight you and I am positive there will be some things that you can relate to as well.

 Episode 39
Episode 38

Feeling Nutty; Sally Marchini 

Feeling a little Nutty? If you really want to know the amazing facts about nuts and why you should be eating them then this is the episode for you. Accredited, Practising Dietitian Sally Marchini joins us again to give us the latest information on Nuts.

  • Why they are so good for you.
  • What are the best kinds?
  • How many should we have every day and what exactly are nut butters?

We also bust the myth that nuts make you fat and talk through the research around that.

Listen in and crunch up.

You can contact Sally through her Website

Sally Marchini Nutrition

You can find out amazing information about nuts at Nuts For Life


Episode 37

Persistence, planning putting yourself first and patience.

No special guest today just a discussion by myself on some of the things we need to pay attention to in order to be fit, healthy and well.

If you are wondering where to start, or restart, then listen in to what I call the first plank in your goal as a healthy woman over 50.

You can book a free one on one health assessment with me here

Free One On One Discovery Coaching Session


Episode 36

Dr Karla McKinlay is simply an inspiration. Karla is an Ironwoman Triathlete, and the first Australian woman over 70 to compete in an Ironman race. 

Karla has an amazing life story full of adventure and inspiration. Karla will be competing in the holy grail of triathlons in Kona, Hawaii later this year after qualifying in the Port Macquarie event. This is an achievement considering she only started at the age of 62.

For those of you who don’t know, an Ironman race is 3.8k swim in open water, a 180k bike ride and then a full marathon.

If you ever thought you couldn’t do something then listen in to what is an inspirational conversation.Karla and her story will most certainly motivate you. One of Karla's tips; "Never say that something is beyond you."

You can follow Karla in her Ironman race by watching Ironman Live on the internet.


 Cherri Davis is a master tea blender specialising in organic tea, and tea blends, that are good for your mind, body and soul.

Tea has been, and remains, a large part of many of our lives. The history of it, the ritual of it and the many tastes of tea, can evoke strong memories for many of us.

Cherri talks about her journey to being a tea expert and takes us through some of her favourite blends. We also talk about how to make the perfect cup of tea any time at all.

Put the Kettle on and listen in as we talk all things tea with Cherri.

Episode 35
Episode 34

 Do You Know Where You are Heading?

Simone Leslie is a Neuro Strategist. What is that I hear you say? Well Simone works with the patterns we have in our brains that form our habits. and helps you to re route your train tracks. A process she calls “Boot camp for the Brain”.

Join Simone and I as we go deeply into life, depression and self love. Simone talks about her journey to this work, and takes us through the process she uses to help you find fulfillment and acceptance of your true self.

You can find Simone at

To register for one of Simone's programs click the link below.

Change Your Mind Change Your Life


Episode 33

Oils 'Aint Oils

 Amanda Cuda is a Raindrop Technique Practitioner and an expert in essential oils.

Amanda explains that people have been using essential oils for thousands of years, with the first known documentation found in the pyramids. They have also been used in Native American Indian Healing and there are over 200 references to them in the Bible.

So what are essential oils really, how do you use them and how can they help you be fit and well? Amanda explains what makes them unique and gives us some great tips for using them to relax and to sleep, as well as to focus.

So if you want to know what a raindrop technique practitioner is then you really need to listen in.

You can contact Amanda on her website

Amanda Cuda

Free Download of 180 Uses for Essential Oils

Raw Chocolate Peppermint Slice


Episode 32

Intimacy, Relationships and Sex

Terri O’Reilly Sex Therapist, Author and creator of magic between couples. Intimacy is one of the most enjoyable parts of our lives but it can easily go off track in a relationship.

Join Terri and I as we talk through some of the issues that can occur and as Terri gives us some interesting insights into what we can do to help us bring a little life back into our relationships.

Terri’s no 1 Tip: Channel the sexy woman lurking inside of you and lose your inhibitions about your body. A thought provoking and sometimes funny discussion about relationships communication and being happy.

Life is way too short to not be happy in all areas of our lives.

You can find out more about Terri through her website

Episode 31

Caring For Your Hair

“Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair” from the musical Hair. Stella De Zotti hairdresser extraordinaire is this week’s guest and we are talking all about hair, of course.

Stella delves into the science and physiology of hair to explain how and why your hair looks and feels the way it is. We also talk about oestrogen and its relationship to how our hair looks.

She encourages us to stop and think about our hair, how to choose the right style and colour and also how to choose a hairdresser who is right for you. A fascinating and informative conversation with a passionate woman who knows more than I ever knew there was to know about hair.

Stella can be contacted on her web site

Download Your Free tips on Choosing a Hairdresser Here


Episode 30

A Royal Conversation

A royal conversation with Amanda Edwards where we talk all things horses and the Queen.

Amanda had her first ride on a horse before she was even born, and the earliest photos of her are of her on a horse. Amanda digs deeply into why having a connection with a horse could be good for your mental health as well as the physical benefits. Including amazing arms from carrying feed and saddles, and exceptional pelvic floor muscles.

If you have ever wanted to try riding or if you are looking for something different have a listen and give it a try.

Amanda also takes us through what to look for in a riding school and riding instructor.




Sophie Scott, Don’t Worry Be Happy! Sophie is the author of “Road-testing Happiness” an ABC medical journalist and health commentator. Sophie and I chat about being happy. What it is, what you need to attain it and what you can do to have more of it.

We explore the elements she believes are necessary for happiness and some simple ways to incorporate them into your life.

Sophie’s top tip; just move, when you are stuck the simple act of moving will release you from that moment and give you a better perspective.

A really enlightening and down to earth conversation that will leave you feeling like you can be happy too.

You can find Sophie Scott Here

And Buy her fantastic book "Road Testing Happiness" Here


Episode 28


Andrew Barlow, Podiatrist –Yes, there is another man in this tent. Andrew Barlow is passionate about feet, and the legs that are attached to them.

A qualified Podiatrist Andrew runs a number of clinics in Australia and there isn’t very much he doesn’t know about how to keep you walking and running, and enjoying your life.

Andrew and I discuss the mechanics of caring for your feet. And the biomechanics of how we move. We cut through all of the marketing hype about shoes and dispel the myth that red shoes make you go faster. 

Andrew takes us through some of the very latest things that can be done to improve the way your feet sit in your shoes.

A great discussion on why you should not suffer pain when you exercise as a result of your shoes.

Andrews tip: Peep, & Pump, Not Point, Block Heels Under 5cm & Flatties under the desk.


Debbie Larcombe, Belly Dancer and Dance Teacher extraordinaire. Wow is all I can say about Debbie. An incredibly passionate woman, passionate about supporting women and their lives through dance.

Debbie reveals some of the secrets of belly dancing, and clarifies a few misconceptions about the reason there is belly dancing at all. Debbie talks about the power of the dance and the woman in the dance.

You will be transported back to the times of the early Hollywood movies and the famous Mata Hari? Who is that I hear you say well listen in and see.

A truly delightful conversation that will make you want to get up and dance.

You can find Debbie on her website


 You can check out Maggie on her websites

Episode 26

Maggie Wilde, “Unzip Your Fat Suit” Author, Speaker and Creator of an amazing range of programs to help you finally take control of your habits and your life.

Maggie’s story is one of remarkable resilience and positivity. She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the brain and how it works. More importantly though how we can unlearn bad habits and relearn new ones that keep us healthier and happier.

Maggie talks about how our belief systems can cause us internal stress which is incredibly detrimental to our health. Also how we need to learn to challenge our beliefs if they are not giving us the life we want, or deserve.

This conversation will challenge you to become your own emotional detective and covers everything from Avocados to neural pathways and back again.

One thing I can promise you is you will come away with a more positive attitude to taking control of your life, and being happy with yourself.

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